Create your

own world

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Are you looking for a safe construction set

for children to play with?  We know that kids always want more. PAGL brings unlimited benefits to the game.  

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PAGL -a new

generation of

construction sets

About 90% of all toys in the world are made of plastic.

After several years of use and games, the vast majority of plastic toys are dumped in landfills, where they remain for hundreds and even thousands of years, or in our oceans, where they are consumed by marine life.


made with love

PAGL brings unlimited benefits to the game:

100% environmentally friendly materials, safe for children, minimal storage volume, moisture resistance, made with love.


Build buildings, labyrinths, animals, the round objects.


Made of 100% ecological cardboard and natural dyes


Durable, lightweight, compact and moisture resistant.


Build, Play & Repeat!

PAGL sets

PAGL - compact and large at the same time.

And despite the impressive compactness, one set of PAGL is enough to build large structures, because PAGL blocks can be put together in several ways.



We want to live in a world of absolutely safe and environmentally friendly toys. PAGL is certified according to the ISO 2001 quality standard.


Ingredients: recycled materials and sugar cane.


Safe color dyes.


Starch-based moisture protection.


How PAGL works

With PAGL, children can both play and learn, as creating different shapes from the constructor helps them to develop abstract and logical thinking, as well as spatial, tactile and motor skills.


All PAGL sets are delivered in boxes (63x26х44 cm). 


There are 111 parts in the set.


The set includes windows, doors and stickers.



This week we opened a wonderful gift!

Colorful PAGL building blocks, made from molded pulp cellulose (basically paper)! My six-year old son absolutely loved it! We build a military fortress which we then converted into an elf house. Of course, I was an elf, who sends everybody books about Central Asia! So, we decided to do a mini photo session. ) For a long time I wanted to have these blocks in my house.


Finally we got them! PAGL blocks are so bright, eco-friendly, safe and great for child's imagination! And... an interesting coincidence - both my book and the PAGL are produced in Ukraine

PAGL reviews


PAGL mission

Our mission is to make a revolution in the field of children’s toys! We believe that there is a better way to make toys.

Join us in the fight for a world without plastic waste!



Is your construction set made of egg cartons?

No, PAGL is made of paper pulp. Therefore, our construction set is much more durable, less worn and more resistant to water. And thanks to a special system of fastenings the blocks can be connected in the most various ways so even round figures can be built.

What happens if the PAGL blocks get wet?

Even after 20 minutes in water, PAGL blocks retain their qualities. So, even if your PAGL gets wet, don't worry! Just give the blocks time to dry, and they will be like new.

And what about quality? Are there any guarantees?

Certainly! PAGL has several quality certificates: ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000: 2005, FSSC 22000, FSC-STD-40-004, FSC-STD-50-001, FSC-STD-40-007, and EN-71.

Does PAGL take up a lot of space?

PAGL sets are put into 65x45 cm size boxes. One PAGL box holds 111 blocks! This is enough to build a real house for your child. And after the game, children can easily assemble and put the blocks back into the box.

How durable is PAGL?

PAGL is made with the use of the molded cellulose technology, which makes the blocks resistant to loads and water contact. PAGL blocks can withstand up to 23 kg of weight.

What will happen if you eat PAGL?

Although we do not recommend eating PAGL, the blocks are completely safe. They are 100% organic and dyed with food coloring.

How can PAGL help with a zombie apocalypse?

In any apocalypse scenario, be it a zombie or an alien invasion, you definitely need as much fuel for the fire and supplies as possible. And each PAGL block increases your chances of survival by about 1.08%.

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