Privacy and

confidentiality Policy

       This provision is the official document that defines privacy and confidentiality policy of the Internet resource (further – Internet resource) , which provides users with an opportunity to buy souvenir and other products under the conditions of this agreement that define how services are provided.

       This provision defines how user personal information is collected, processed, stored and transferred as the Internet resource is being used. By using this Internet resource, the user confirms with these rules and takes responsibility that is related to using this Internet resource.

       This provision was drafted in strict accordance to the Ukraine copyright laws. If the Internet resource is being used by a user that is outside of Ukraine, all user’s actions are subject to laws of Ukraine, the other state on which territory the user is accessing the Internet resource and international laws.




       Internet resource is a combination of software and hardware resources that display publicly all data connected by the topic and the end goal so that Internet users have access to this data.

       Internet resource administration (further - Administration) – legal representatives of owner who are given the rights to manage this Internet resource and control its functioning according to the current agreement as well as other documents that regulate relationships between the Users and the Administration.

       User of the Internet resource (further - User) – is the person who uses the Internet resource and related services according to the way specified by the terms of this agreement and by other documents that regulate relationships between the User and the Administration of the Internet resource. Content - data in textual, graphic, sound or any other format that is displayed on the pages of the Internet resource.

Database - a combination of Users’ account data that was received by the Administration of the resource using the capabilities of the Internet resource.

       Personal data - any information pertaining directly or indirectly to a particular user who is using the Internet resource.

Personal data processing - any action (operation) or a combination of actions (operations) that is performed using automatization tools or without such tools over user’s personal data, including collecting, recording, systematization, aggregation, storing and updating or adding to, as well as downloading, using and transferring (distributing and allowing access to), anonymizing, blocking and deleting personal data of the Internet resource users.

       Cookies - small fragments of data that are sent by the web-server and then stored on the client side (on another computer) of the User that the web-client exchanges with web-server through HTTP-requests when it needs to access the Internet-resource.

       IP-address - a unique network identification of a particular device on the Internet using IP protocol.



       1.1. All provisions of this agreement relate to any information or personal data of users that is known or can be obtained by the Administration of the Internet resource while users are using the Internet resource.

       1.2. By using any part of the Internet resource functionality, users agree to all conditions of this Confidentiality agreement and to the way their personal data will be processed and handled by the resource Administration while users are using the resource.

       1.3. This Confidentiality agreement focuses on the the beginning of resource usage (including signing up and authentication) and/or processing the order using the capabilities of the resource.

       1.4. If User does not agree with at least one paragraph of these confidentiality agreement, they should immediately terminate their using or the resource and leave it. Continuing to use the resource means that the user agrees to all details of this Confidentiality agreement.

       1.5. Administration of this Internet resource does not verify personal data that Users provide to the Administration of the resource, but the Administration reserves a right to monitor correctness of such data.

       1.6. If one or several of provisions from this Confidentiality agreement will lose its effect or will stop to have legal power, it will not affect remaining aspects and provisions of this Confidentiality agreement.

       1.7 User is responsible for making sure this agreement is relevant and up-to-date and the Administration reserves a right to change or supplement this Confidentiality agreement without prior consent. Any additions to this agreement will be displayed on the Continuing to use the service will mean that users agree to the changes in this document.



       2.1. This provision defines the resource Administration responsibilities not to disclose any personal data provided by users of the Internet resource and their responsibility to protect this data that was provided to the Administration during using the Internet resource.

       2.2. Current agreement is developed in strict accordance to Ukraine copyright laws as of 01.06.2010 № 2297-VI and other legal documents that define and regulate exchange of personal data among web site users.

       2.3. Personal data that are the subject of this confidentiality agreement include:

       2.3.1. Mandatory personal data that users willingly provide when signing up to use the services provided by the Internet resource and while forming the order.

       2.3.2. Additional personal data that users willingly provide when signing up to use the services provided by the Internet resource and while forming the order.

        2.3.3. Anonymized data that is automatically collected by the Administration while the User is present on any page of the Internet resource; this data includes IP-address, cookies, browser data or information about any other software user employs to receive access to the Internet resource, session time and duration, addresses of requested pages, etc. Administration also collect statistical data about users IP-addresses.



       3.1. Administration of this Internet resource reserves a right to use any personal data that users have submitted while using the Internet resource services for the following purposes:

  • Provide services of purchasing souvenir and other products to the User; to form feedback;

  • To provide personalized advertisement to Users;

  • To provide users with news about the Internet resource and special offers and promotions based on the notification that Users enabled;

  • To receive anonymized data for statistical research;

  • To provide users with technical support;

  • To verify legal relationships between the User and the Administration of the Internet Resource To transfer personal data to third-parties (including as a part of organizing product shipments) to meet their obligations;

As a part of Administration obligations towards other users.



       4.1. Any processing of user personal data that they submitted to the Administration of the resource while using the Internet resource is done without any set deadlines according to Ukrainian laws and with or without any necessary automatization tools.

       4.2 Since the Site Administration processes the personal data of the User for the execution of an agreement concluded between the Administration of the Site and the User to provide services, the User agrees to the processing of personal data and its disclosing to third-parties if that is necessary to fulfill the obligations before the user.

       4.3. User takes into consideration and agrees that the Administration might disclose User’s personal data if it is required in accordance with the virtue of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine on personal data or to satisfy the legal request from authorities.

       4.4. The Site Administration takes on the obligation to inform users if any of their personal data was at any point deleted or disclosed to third-parties as soon as it is possible.

       4.5. The Site Administration shall take all necessary measures to protect user’s personal data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction.



       5.1. The Administration of the resource takes on responsibility for the following:

       5.1.1. to process of personal data happens according to the condition of the Law of Ukraine on personal data and according to other legally binding documents that regulate relationships between the Administration of the Internet resource and the User;

       5.1.2. to protect and secure User’s personal information;

       5.1.3. to use User’s personal data only according to the conditions of this agreement;

       5.2. The User takes on obligations to perform the following actions:

       5.2.1. to provide to the Site Administration in a timely manner accurate information required for enabling User to use the services provided by the Internet resource;

       5.2.2. To provide the Administration of the Internet resource data, including personal data if there are any changes, so that the Administration can fulfill the obligations that are derived from this agreement.



       6.1. Administration of the Internet resource is obliged to protect personal data of users according to the Law of Ukraine on personal data and is liable for any damages and losses that occur as the result of parts of this information being disclosed.

       6.2. The Company is not liable to the User for the damage and losses that occurred as a result of:

Personal information becoming public before it was disclosed by the administration;

The User gave their permission to disclose this information;

The information was provided by the third party before it was disclosed to the Administration;

Information was willingly made public by the User;



       7.1. Current agreement is the subject to the Law of Ukraine on personal data and to the jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Ukraine, as well as other appropriate legal documents of the country where the User is and accesses services of the Internet resource, and users waives any objection to such jurisdiction.

       7.2. In case of any disagreements or disputes between the Company and the User as a result of or in connection with use of the Site the sides should try to resolve any such dispute as soon as possible and in good faith.

       7.3. If the parties fail to resolve such disputes within a reasonable time (not to exceed thirty (30) days), then the parties are free to exercise any right or remedy that it provided by applicable law.



       8.1. Neither Administration or the User can be held liable if their obligations were not possible to fulfill because of a majeure force – an event that no human foresight could anticipate – such as: fire, flooding, earthquake, strikes, war, actions of the government or other circumstances that cannot be predicted or changed by either Side.

       8.2. The Side that cannot fulfill their obligations is obliged to notify the other Side in writing in a timely manner but not later than in five days of force majeure circumstances occurring.



       9.1. This provision was signed between the User and the Administration of the Internet resource considering the usage of the Internet resource and services provided by this resource; is mandatory and obtains full legal power from the moment when User accepts it.

       9.2. Questions and suggestions should be forwarded to the following

       9.3. User is agreeing that the Administration can collect and process their data as long as User is using the services of the Internet resource.

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